Upper Royal Lake Basin Take 2 (The Snow Edition)

Mt. DeceptionThis was my second trip to the Royal Basin area, this one much earlier season then the first. The ground up there was covered in snow and there were almost no people. The marmots were just waking up and frolicking – marmots have a way of galloping that really must be seen to be understood.

We had plans to climb Mt. Deception but canned it after…well, getting lazy. Deception is the second tallest peak in the Olympics and an impressive sight. You can’t even really see it until you turn a corner in the Royal Creek valley. There looked to be a snow covered scramble route that would have been fine, but of course I can’t say for certain without actually having gone up.

This trip was quite different than the first: no bugs, no Park Ranger telling us to move our tent, and no crowds. Of course we couldn’t swim in the lake given its snow-covered condition…


Camp PhotoLookingAtDeceptionLookingAtTheBasinTheNeedles1TheNeedles2TheNeedles3

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